Written by admin on October 15th, 2008

Wednesday 8 October

We arrived in Tunisia at about 21.00 yesterday. Not wanting to spend ages searching for a campsite we parked up at the port with the help of a guy posing as a customs official who directed us to a safe place to park for the night. Initially he felt 40 Euros for him and 40 Euros for the chief! was reasonable for his services. We disagreed, but still gave him something, so he didn’t come back! Basically we parked on the pavement directly opposite the Douaine (customs) office.

We set off early with the initial plan of getting to Djerba Island, but en route we changed our minds and drove to Tozeur to spend the night in the desert. Feeling a bit grubby we first stopped off at one of the many 4 Star Hotels to wash some of the dirt off in their pool and have a cold beer!

Thursday 9 October

Today we drove through the salt lake, Chott el-Jerid, which was a fantastic drive and then on to Djerba. We ended up driving a wicked desert track, which we think Bob enjoyed as much as us. It was a bit accidental, as the tar just ended and the lack of signs in the desert then meant we went a bit off track, ending up driving through a military exercise. Was quite fun looking at all of the tanks, jeeps and canons, but Felicity got a little nervous when the guy popped his green smoke grenade beside Bob as we drove up!

We caught the ferry over to Djerba and after too long looking for a good site to camp and picking up a random guy who thought he would actually stay with us and party all night we camped (without the guy) on the beach at the end of the long strip of hotels.   

Friday 10 October

After a slightly sleepless night, due to the strong winds on the beach and the tent flapping we woke to another not so great for beach day, so headed into town to catch up on a few bits.  Bob had developed a slight clunking noise as well, so we took him for a quick check-up – couldn’t find anything wrong, but gave us the chance to tighten his nuts and grease his nipples! Dirty and oily we went to a ‘Relax’ spa and had a Hamman (a traditional Tunisian sauna), just so that we could use their shower and it was cheap!

Camped on beach again this time between two posh hotels as one of the hotel security guards we met said he would watch over us there and it would be more sheltered from the wind.

Saturday 11 October

After a better night’s sleep we were up early for a morning run along the beach followed by a dip in the sea and Bob started to draw a lot of attention from the hotel guests.  We gave Bob a much needed clean to get rid of the sand and salt before setting off towards the Libyan border.  After the last town before the border we pulled off on a little track and hid behind some trees so we were out of sight to bush camp for the night.




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