Written by admin on October 20th, 2008

Sunday 12 October

We reached the Libyan border at 07.50 and unexpectedly an hour and a half later were through into Libya. A representative from Arkno, the company we had booked through was waiting for us beween the Libya and Tunisia border posts (currently you have to have a guide accompany you in Libya) and he rushed us efficiently through the Libya side of things.  Bob donned his new Libyan number plates too! 

We then headed into Tripoli to meet our guide, ‘Milud’.  We had a quick tour around Tripoli and then hit the road for Leptis Magna. Driving in Libya is crazy freestyle; very erratic, fast and a lot of beeping horns! Diesel very very cheap though and we could finally afford to fill Bob up (for less than £7.50)! Camped up for the night at a small campsite opposite the ruins.

Tuesday 14 October

First thing Monday morning we had to go the police station to register ourselves in Libya, which took a while for one passport stamp to say the least. We then walked around Leptis Magna, old Roman ruins, which were impressive. Early afternoon we headed off and drove till dusk, arriving at what our guide termed ‘a lovely place to stay’ - at the back of a petrol station!

An early start this morning and we opted to drive a shorter route through the desert, rather than the normal tourist route along the coast, to try to get some peace and quiet and bush camp.  We stopped in a small town to pick up supplies (a whole chicken, as breasts alone are not possible) and then hit the desert road.  After finding a suitably big mound of sand to hide behind for the night, we parked up away from the road, snoozed in the shade for a while and enjoyed a lazy afternoon surrounded by just desert!

Thursday 15 October

After a fairly uneventful, but relaxed day yesterday we crossed over the border early in the morning to Egypt, having bush camped again last night.

The Libya side went smoothly and we said our farewells to Milud.  We found Arkno to be efficient and would recommend them and without a guide it would be a real challenge negotiating the many police check points and reading the Arabic only signs! However, nice to be on our own again!


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