Hilda the Hippo

Hilda The Hippo

Hi, I’m Hilda and this is my page.            

 Marc and Felicity found me crammed into a small cage in a warehouse in Essex along with many other hippos and they offered to take me home to Africa with them.  I was a little concerned about the extra few hundred kilos in weight that I would add to their vehicle, but they insisted, so I graciously accepted.

Me just before I went on my first Ferry trip!

Me just before I went on my first Ferry trip!



Through these pages my friends can follow my journey home.

I am very excited and already I have:

Caught the ferry from Dover to Calais                                  

Had a ‘chocolat chaude’ in the French Alps

Visited the Tower of Pisa

Been to the salt pans in Tunisia

Travelled through Libya with a guide

Had fun at the pyramids in Egypt

Enjoyed the desert in Sudan

Sat with Baboons in Ethiopia

Floated down the Nile in Uganda

Saw many hippo friends in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Kite Surfed in Kenya


I will also be adding some photos to my album for you to see. It would be lovely to hear from you all. Please click here to write to me. I will add my updates from time to time on my blog.


It is so fantastic to be contacted by my good friend Elvis, the Webmaster of Solefield School in Kent, UK.  Thank you so much for all your hard work in collecting the football boots which the boys in Tanzania really appreciated and loved so much they did not want to take them off!


I have had so much fun on the trip so far and so fantastic to see other Hippos like me!  Although I have to say I have not seen another hippo looking quite the same colour as me!


It would be great to hear more from you Elvis and what you are doing at school this term.

 With love

 Hilda xx


















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