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Tuesday 25 November

It was sad to say goodbye to our hosts in Kimilili, as they had looked after us so well and fed us extremely well!  We headed off toward Jinja in Uganda.  A few Km’s before the border the trucks were queuing to get through, which we later found out was because they were on strike.  Luckily we could skip past them and as we approached the border, many men ran at the car wanting to be our touts (local customs officials!) and help us through the process.  Whilst this can be annoying, having someone get you in the right place and get you through quickly does help especially time wise and only costs a £1 or 2.  This turned out to be a bit of an expensive border crossing, as we had to pay for our visas, plus pay for 3rd party car insurance (Yellow card) for the rest of Africa here.  With the erratic driving in Africa, the lack of road rules, potholes and donkeys to avoid……. insurance could be handy!

Wednesday 26 November

After arriving late last night this was our first lie in… well ‘til 07:45 when the tent became too hot once the sun was on it.  Today was a much needed rest day, due to the big drives and the work that we had been doing.  It consisted mostly of lying in the shade, eating and sleeping… just what we needed!  In the evening, one of Felicity’s old school friends, Sharon, who now lives in Jinja came to meet us and have a good catch up on the last ten years!

Thursday 27 November

Woohoo…white water rafting today!  Brilliant fun spending the day going down class 5 rapids, getting drenched and getting flipped out of the boat.  In the words of one of our American raft companions it was “Totally sick!” and at times “Solid!”, terms which we quickly learned could be used universally to sum up pretty much anything from the biggest rapids to the pineapple we had for lunch!  We have some good video footage of the action, which we will hopefully load up when we work out how. 

Friday 28 November

We headed to Kampala today to spend a couple of days with a community project focused on education and rights for children.

Sunday 30 November

We had a long drive today from Kampala to get to Bwindi to see the mountain gorillas.  This was made around 2 hours longer as our GPS decided to direct us a very rural route out of Kampala along dirt track roads, rather than using the main highway.  On arrival in Bwindi at the community camp, the long drive was soon forgotten as we delved into our dwindling emergency UK food rations and had mashed potato and ‘Sausage Tonight’.  Simple, but amazing!

Monday 1 December

We met our guide early in the morning and then headed into Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in search of the gorillas.  Trackers are sent into the forest a couple of hours before we set off in order to try and find them.  It was proper jungle trekking as our guides carved a path through the thick vegetation.  After about two hours of trekking we found them.  It was amazing to see them up close.  The group of 21 gorillas we were watching consisted of 2 silverbacks and many youngsters.  It was great to watch them playing and interacting with each other in the wild.  We had 2 very annoying Spanish people in our group, who insisted on getting in the way of everyone else’s view of the gorillas, posing for ridiculous pictures, talking too loudly and getting too close to the gorillas. The gorillas seemed to find their behaviour most peculiar as well!

Tuesday 2 December

Today we drove to Kyotera (another long drive) in the South of Uganda to visit some more community projects.  It was great to see the school nursery that has now been built thanks to Marc running those long, hard 26 miles of the London Marathon last year.  The school staff and headteacher were very pleased to meet him in person and thank him for his donation.




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