Written by admin on September 30th, 2008


Saturday 27 September

We’d decided to drive quite quickly through France to spend more time along the Italian coast.  On the ferry we chose to drive a route via Dijon and through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Italy.  The alternative suggested by Google Maps and other sites took us via Strasbourg through Switzerland and down, but we’d been told this may be a little windy and up and down through the Alps.

Anyway, a little behind when we got off the ferry, due to our slight Dover delay and missing the 08.00 we made good time on the quiet French toll roads.  We stopped at one of the Aires (service stations just off the main roads) in the Champagne region, which whilst not scenic was alright, not off route and free. Aptly, being in the Champagne region we cracked open a bottle and toasted Bob for a good first day.

536 km

Sunday 28 September

It was bloody cold when we woke up, so we weren’t as quick away as we had planned to be, but again made reasonable time.  However, as we came into the Alps the sun was shining and we took the decision to make the most of it and stopped off in Chamonix.  Sat at a mountain bar, having a drink in the warm sun, surrounded by snow-capped mountains there was little debate that we would wait until tomorrow to drive through the tunnel into Italy.

We had a quick run down the summer luge and then found a really good little campsite (Camping de la Mer de Glace) to spend the night.


Monday 29 September

We thought it was bloody cold the first night, but today we woke up with frost on the tent and the condensation on the inside had also frozen by the time we came to put it down.  With Felicity wrapped up in her Eskimo gear we set off for the Mont Blanc tunnel and Italy.

France - 965km





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