Namibia – Part 2

Written by admin on December 31st, 2009
Namibia – Part 2



Tuesday 15 December

After crossing the border into Namibia, we stocked up with supplies in Katima and headed for a campsite which we liked the name of…’Bum Hill’!  It was a brilliant community run campsite where you had your own ablution block and private viewing tower over the Kwando River.  The next night we camped at the West of the Caprivi Strip in another great spot, Ngepi camp.  Again located right on the river and we even had an open-air tin bath at sunset looking out at the hippos!

Thursday 17 December

From Ngepi we drove to Etosha National Park to meet up with Marc’s mum and celebrate an early Christmas together.  ‘Flashing Santa’ from Tanzania was brought out of his crate and we had picked up some cheap Christmas lights; we even managed to find crackers and a bit of Christmas cake to make it seem more Christmassy!  We had a good couple of days game viewing and saw lots of Springbok, hyenas and giraffe.

Monday 21 December

We left Etosha through the northern gate to explore Kaokoland in the far North-west of Namibia.  After getting stopped and Felicity being told she was going to be arrested for not having paid road tax, we had to make a quick detour to the nearest border to pay the toll.  We then went to Kunene River Lodge on the border of Angola, which is owned by a family friend of Marc’s.  It was a beautiful spot and we had a relaxing afternoon after the long hot drive. 

The next day the adventure began in 4×4 territory.  Roads dissappeared and we followed the gravel and GPS to Epupa Falls first to see the waterfall and camp for the night. Next day we headed for Van Zyl’s Pass, a notorious and very challenging track West through the mountains. The gravel had soon become rocky trails and much slower going.  As we got closer to the campsite just before the pass we had to drive some very steep, rocky and narrow sections, which left us apprehensive as to what was ahead of us the next day.

We woke early to do the 16km pass before it got too hot.  The pass is very up, down, windy and rocky and in some places a bit ridiculous what you had to go down – this was a day of serious 4×4!!  The guidebooks describe it as a treachorous pass.  At each tricky bit we stopped at the top to assess what was below us, plan our route of attack down the rocks and Marc to have his nervous wee! It was brilliant fun, a real adventure and definitely got the adrenaline pumping! Got some good videos, which we will try to upload.  The pass is also worth the challenge for the absolutely amazing scenery.

Kaokoland is a really beautiful wilderness area and we had a brilliant few days exploring and seeing the Himba tribes people as we travelled.




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