Malawi 2

Written by admin on December 5th, 2009

Malawi June 2009 – December 2009

Sorry for the delay in updating…we have just been having too much fun!  Since our last blog we have been working in Malawi for Malawi Volunteer Organisation.  Malawi Volunteer Organistion is focussed on community projects along the lake shore near Monkey Bay.  MVO works in 3 main areas which are Medical, Sports and Education.  The medical programme is fantastic as the volunteers assist at the local underfunded and understaffed hospital, work in the communities educating them in Home Based care and also the Malaria prevention team do a fantastic job of distributing nets. For the teaching side of things we work with 2 local primary schools assisting in classes of up to 200 kids and running afterschool activities for them, plus we coach a variety of sports each day too. 

Its been fantastic and we have both learnt so much from this experience and it is a place that we will never forget and the people will stay in our hearts.  In particular the team of local staff that we work with here and the kids from our local sports team have really made this experience for us.

Our days revolve around ensuring that all the volunteers are doing well at the projects (and answering there never endless questions that they have), managing the staff, helping out with new ideas and project initiatives, teaching volleyball, football, computer lessons and wildlife lessons.  All in all it has been amazing and we are both going to be sad to leave.  However, the new adventure beckons and Bob is keen to get back on the road.

The 1st December will see our new adventure begin, driving back to the UK, this time through West Africa.  We could have been sensible and return home, get jobs and put Bob on a ship, but that would be BORING! So in our plan to circumnavigate Africa we will be on our way again in the next few weeks!  West Africa is a lot more unknown to both of us, but we are ready for the challenging countries and challenging roads that go with it.




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